Make medication the easiest part of your day.

Karie delivers on time, every time.

Medication has never been this simple.

It can feel overwhelming to manage all of the prescriptions we take on any given day. But with Karie from AceAge, it doesn’t have to.

Karie is an automatic medication dispenser that organizes, schedules and delivers your medication with the touch of a button.

Using Karie

Karie Reminds and Delivers

Karie automatically syncs with your prescription schedule. When it’s time for you to take your medication, Karie will light up and produce a calming chime. Simply push a button and your medication dose is delivered, in a pre-opened pouch.

Loading Karie

Karie uses common easy-to-open pouches, which are pre-organized in a cartridge by a pharmacist and simply inserted into the back of Karie with a single-action load.

Travel/Away from Karie

If you are not going to be near Karie to take your medications, you can access the doses ahead of time with the travel function. Karie will dispense labelled unopened pouches to take with you until you are back.

Companion App

Karie’s Companion App will send a notification to a friend, family member or caregiver if a medication is missed, and get you the support you need if there are any issues.

Security features

Karie has various security features to keep you safe including; facial recognition, PIN access, early dose prevention, and battery back up.

Who Karie’s Here to Help


Karie delivers independence in the form of medication. Instead of feeling dependent on caregivers and family members to remember something as critical as medication, Karie gives you more time to live a life that’s both happy and healthy.


Is the medication being taken on time? And as directed? Karie not only eliminates these concerns for you, she provides family members real peace of mind in knowing that their loved one is getting the help they need, when they need it.


Karie is ideal for nurses and personal support workers. Predetermined medication schedules will free up a portion of their busy day so they can focus even more on what’s important – the comfort and care of their patients.

Karie works with trusted pharmacy partners across Canada.

In order for Karie to function, it requires one of our partner pharmacies to support. Our pharmacy partners provide free delivery of Karie pre-packed medication and automatic refills right to your door anywhere!


How can I purchase a device?

Karie is available through multiple pharmacy partners.

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How long does a cartridge last?

If you take your medication twice a day, a cartridge will hold a 1-month supply. If it’s 4x/day, then a cartridge will last you 2 weeks

What happens to my cartridge when it is empty?

The selected pharmacy will have a protocol in place to support users in replacing and refilling cartridges.

What if my prescriptions change in the middle of my cartridge?

Consult with your doctor, pharmacist, and caregiver, to determine the best course of action.

What security features does the device offer?
  • Face Recognition
  • Pin Code
  • Early Dose Prevention
    • Bolt to countertop
    • Lock in Cartridge
    • Disable Early Dispense Function
  • Cartridge Mismatch Notification
  • 72 Hours Battery Backup
Does Karie need internet to work?
Karie is connected via cellular network. Karie also has Wifi built-in as a backup in case you live somewhere without a cellular signal.
Who makes Karie?

Karie is made by AceAge Inc.

AceAge is a Canadian healthcare technology company, creating intuitive products to ease the aging process and improve health outcomes.

For more information about the company behind Karie, please visit

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Please fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us.

Medication management just got safer.
And easier.

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