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For: For Caregivers

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Medication Management for Caregivers

Confidence knowing outcomes will improve when patients follow their prescribed regimens.

Helps Your Patients


The Karie automatic pill dispenser delivers medication on time, every time.

Issues reminders

An audiovisual alert is triggered at the prescribed time.

Supports independence

Taking medication using timed medication dispensing promotes independence and wellness.

Correct dosage

Pre-filled pouches deliver the exact dose for each medication.

Secure usage

Your patient’s Karie locking pill dispenser is exclusively assigned and will only deliver medication to them.

Easy to use

Maintains a daily routine that aligns with favorite activities and a structured schedule.

Helps You

Better care

Promotes senior medication adherence for general wellness of patients on multiple medications.

Caregiver support

Karie’s medication management system enhances the care services you provide even when you can't be there.

Maintains adherence

Taking multiple pills as prescribed and at the right time reduces the potential for health complications.

Effective connection

The free Karie Companion app alerts you to missed doses.

Professional support

Karie lightens the load so you can focus on other aspects of care.

Enhances safety

Karie’s smart security measures reduce the risk of medication errors and adverse events.

Easy to use, reliable & secure

Simple Interface

Easy to read screen shows you when the next dose is due. 

Medications are sorted

Into pouches that are organized and loaded into a medicine dispenser cartridge by a pharmacy.

The cartridge loads easily

And Karie follows your patient's medication regimen.

When Karie’s alarm chimes

One push of a button delivers the patient's pre-filled pouches.

When a dose is due

Karie flashing light and chime go off. Optional voice instructions can be enabled.

Secure medication

Karie can be locked and has electronic access controls to reduce the risk of accidental dispensing errors.

Learn more about how Karie delivers, coordinates, reminds, connects and secures medication

Enjoy independence and wellness through better pill management

Karie Smart Pill Companion Front View