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For: Family Members

Woman hugging her eldelry father

Family Members

Rest easy knowing that your loved ones are taking their medication and maintaining their health.

Helps Me

Peace of mind

Feel secure that your loved one are managing their medications properly.

Caregiving support

When you can't be there, Karie keeps everything on track.

Reliable convenience

A pharmacist loads pre-filled medication pouches into a cartridge and delivers it.

Timely notification

A free mobile app alerts you to missed doses so you can check in.

Promote Medication Adherence

Track loved ones' missed doses via a free mobile app, contact them when they need you.

Loving care

Protect your loved ones while keeping them independent.

Helps your loved ones

Keeps them on track

They are reminded with sound and lights when it's time to take their medication.

Easy to use

Pressing a single button is all it takes to get the correct dose.

Maintains independence

Taking medications properly supports wellness.

Reduces medication confusion

Pre-filled pouches deliver exact dosages.

Medication Security

Karie includes optional PIN or facial recognition to prevent others accidentally taking the wrong medication.


Maintains a routine that aligns with activities and daily structure.

Easy to use, reliable & secure

Karie is assigned automatically

To your loved one, ready for their dose schedule and their exact doses.

Medications are sorted

Into pouches that are loaded into a cartridge by your pharmacist.

Cartridge loads easily

And Karie follows your loved one's schedule.

Karie issues alerts

And provides voice instructions when it's time to take a dose.

One push of a button

Is the simple action to release the dose in pre-filled, pre-cut pouches.

Facial recognition

Optional facial recognition so the medication is always delivered to only the right person.

Learn more about how Karie delivers, coordinates, reminds, connects and secures medication

Enjoy independence and wellness through better pill management

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Enjoy independence and wellness through better pill management