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Frequently Asked Questions

Setup / Installation

Please visit the Customer Support page at to access the Wi-Fi Setup Guide.
Please visit the Customer Support page at to access the Companion App Setup Guide.
The Karie Companion App is available for free from the App Store and Google Play.
Karie comes with a Quick Start Guide in the box, and is very easy to set up however many Karie providers offer in-home setup as part of their service offering.
Karie connects to a cellular network automatically. Karie also has Wi-Fi built in as a backup in case you live somewhere without a strong cellular connection. In order for Karie to connect to your caregivers or loved ones (if they are using the Karie Companion App) we strongly recommend connecting via Wi-Fi.


Karie is available through multiple partners. Navigate to How To Buy Karie for more information.
Your Karie box includes the Karie device, a power supply appropriate to your country and Quick Start Guide. Your Karie provider will supply your preloaded medication cartridge separately. The Karie Companion App is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.
It depends where you live: the price differs according to the level of government support in your region and the amount of medication you need. Karie is typically sold for a one-time product cost plus a monthly subscription fee. Navigate to How To Buy Karie to find a partner who can provide you with the cost specific to you and your needs.

Medication / Prescription Management

Karie offers multiple security features to protect your medication. Your doses are sealed in plastic pouches inside the Karie cartridge. The Karie cartridge has a lock and key so it cannot be removed by mistake. You can also use a 4-digit PIN or facial recognition to ensure it only delivers the medication to the appropriate person. In addition, you can also screw mount the device to a counter or table to prevent removal.
Your Karie provider will have a protocol in place and work with you and your Doctor to determine whether or not to replace your Karie cartridge.
Your Karie provider will have a protocol in place to support you in replacing and refilling your cartridge.
If you take your medication twice a day, a cartridge will hold a 1-month supply. If you take your medications four times a day, then a cartridge will last you two weeks. Your replacement cartridge delivery schedule will be set by the pharmacy to anticipate the renewal date and ensure that you do not run out of medication.  
Karie is available from select pharmacy partners: their pharmacists will supply Karie cartridges that are pre-filled with your medication and delivered to you on a regular basis.

Karie Companion App

Yes, the Karie Companion App can be configured to more than one Karie device.
The Karie Companion App pairs a mobile device to a specific Karie device under the user’s control. It enables a caregiver or loved one a secure view of that Karie user’s medication schedule, and notifies them if doses are taken early or missed. The Karie Companion Setup Guide is available in the Customer Support section of

Dose Delivery

Your Karie device will show you a Missed Dose screen and will provide specific instructions to follow from your Karie provider. If your caregiver or loved ones are using the Karie Companion App they can be notified that you have missed a dose, providing them with the ability to contact you in a timely manner to see how you are doing.
Karie has a Travel function which allows you to pre-deliver a set number of medication doses ahead of time so you can take them with you.
Yes, when the delivery button on Karie is illuminated you can press it to receive your next dose. The window of time in which a specific dose is permitted is controlled through the settings on your Karie device. Please speak with your Karie provider if you need more information on how this can be adjusted to adapt to your specific prescription requirements.
Your Karie provider works with you to identify the best schedule that fulfils your doctor-issued prescription and adapts to your lifestyle. Your specific medication schedule is downloaded to your Karie when you insert your Karie cartridge. Karie remembers and reminds you when it is time to take your pills.