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How The Karie Automatic Pill Dispenser Works


Karie utilizes Pharmacist-filled medication strips loaded into the Karie cartridge, to deliver your multiple medications in secure, easy-to-use pouches.


Your Karie Pharmacist coordinates with you the ideal medication delivery schedule for your lifestyle. When you insert your Karie cartridge, Karie displays the schedule your Pharmacist created for you, and Karie uses this schedule.


Karie lights up and chimes when it’s time to take a dose. Karie's reminds you in a pleasant way and can be heard, even from another room. Press Karie's flashing button to deliver your easy-to-open medication pouch. After each delivery, Karie tells you when your next dose is due. 


Karie can notify select caregivers and family members when a dose is taken too early, too late or missed. Using the Karie Companion app, Karie can be paired with mobile phones or tablets to receive notifications, or for a view of the medication schedule. 


Each Karie device is assigned to its companion and includes optional facial recognition or PIN entry for dose delivery security. Karie can be physically secured to prevent others from taking the wrong medication accidentally.

Enjoy independence and wellness through better pill management

Animated image of Karie device pulse showing notification

Enjoy independence and wellness through better pill management