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Pill Management for Individuals

Managing medication in a smart way is important for living independently and maintaining wellness.

Helps Me


Pills come in pre-filled pouches with my exact dose, so there are no mix-ups.

Keeps me on track

Delivers every pouch on schedule so there’s no forgetting taking a pill.

Reminds me

Karie lights up & chimes to remind me when it’s time to take a dose.

Easy to use

Pressing a button is all it takes to get my pouch, which is pre-cut & easy to open.


Taking medication properly is important for me to maintain an independent life.


Staying independent means less worry for my loved ones.

Helps my family & caregivers

Peace of mind

My loved ones know that I'm taking my medication properly.

Caring help

They know I'm on track even if they can't be here in person.

Needed reassurance

They know I'm maintaining my independence and enjoying a full life.

Security support

They get an alert if I miss a dose and can call me.


They know that they're helping to look after my well-being.

Helping hand

They have some help with their busy lives.

Easy to use, reliable & secure


With the right doses and the right time to take them.

Pills are organized

Into pouches that are loaded into a cartridge by your pharmacist.

Just load the cartridge

And Karie follows your medication schedule.

Karie lights up and chimes

And can provide voice instructions when it's time to take your dose.

One push of a button

Is all it takes to release the pouch when your dose is ready.

Pouches are pre-torn

So they're very easy to open.

Learn more about how Karie delivers, coordinates, reminds, connects and secures medication

Enjoy independence and wellness through better pill management

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Enjoy independence and wellness through better pill management