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Karie Reminds

People sometimes skip their medications. Often, it’s because they simply forget. Sometimes, it’s because they lose interest or lack the motivation to stay on schedule.

Karie is a smart pill companion that helps users stick to their dosing times.

Karie tracks schedules created by a pharmacist. When it’s time to take pills, Karie chimes and lights up. The alerts are designed to be hard to miss and offer adjustable volume settings so they can be heard from just about any room in a home.

One push of button is all it takes for Karie to deliver pills in a convenient pouch that’s pre-torn and easy to open.

For added comfort and safety, a Karie companion app tracks all medication schedules and even alerts caregivers when a dose is missed.

Karie reminders help reduce missed doses so caregivers worry less.

To buy Karie for yourself or a loved one, visit the How to Buy Karie page.