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Karie Schedules

Sometimes it’s difficult to follow medication schedules. People forget, they run out of pills, or they can’t keep track of dosing times.

In consultation with a pharmacist Karie helps by scheduling doses to complement lifestyles, personal routines, and medication regimens.

Karie can accommodate specific meal times, bed times, or daily activities. And it’s easy to stay on schedule even during outings because Karie pre-delivers pouches you can take with you.

A pharmacist can schedule dose times to avoid medication conflicts or accommodate a large number of pills.

Running out of medication is never an issue because pharmacists know exactly when to refill the Karie cartridge.

All schedules are easy to see at the touch of a button or with the Karie companion app. Users and loved ones know exactly when the next dose is due.

Karie makes it easy to stay on schedule and never worry about missing doses.

To buy Karie for yourself or a loved one, visit the How to Buy Karie page.