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Karie Secures

It’s important that pills are taken only by the individual they’re prescribed to. Any user mix-up can be dangerous to the health of a loved one.

Karie helps with several advanced safety measures that avoid potential errors.

A pharmacist organizes all pills in a medication strip. The strip goes into the Karie cartridge, which slides smoothly in place. Each cartridge is paired to a specific user, so If the wrong cartridge is inserted, Karie recognizes the mistake and immediately alerts the caregiver.

This is especially helpful in congregate living, where several cartridges may be delivered at the same time and used for multiple residents.

When the Karie cartridge slots in, the individual’s name appears on the Karie screen and on each pouch that Karie delivers.

Cartridges can also be locked with a key to control who has access to the pills.

For even extra security, Karie comes with facial recognition software. Once turned on, medications will only be delivered to that individual.

Karie keep all medications secure and loved ones safe.

To buy Karie for yourself or a loved one, visit the How to Buy Karie page.